Food Tales - Sam’s Pizza

Food Tales – Sam’s Pizza

Decided to get some pizza love this evening. Have been hearing about Sam’s Pizza for a while now so headed right there with Nandy. I don’t have any pictures to post because of this new rule that Nandy and me have implemented. No phone, social media, photographs while eating. Whoever does it first will have to pay for dinner. Have not won even once until now. Hope to soon.

Ordered a plate of…

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TOI vs Deepika Padukone

TOI vs Deepika Padukone

In a country with a shortage of toilets it is no wonder that Times of India is the highest selling newspaper supposedly. They cover the news, news which fills pages and pages but is hardly of use to anyone. I would have preferred if TOI was called a tabloid. Anyhow that is not what this is all about.

Times of India wrote an article about Deepika Padukone’s Cleavage to which Deepika Padukone…

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Food Tales - Pizza Two (Not The Villa)

Food Tales – Pizza Two (Not The Villa)


Pizza Kaaran is a pizza outlet in Sivakasi which reminded me of Karagattakaran.

But the first time I really tried Italian food at an italia restaurant in Chennai was at Bella Ciao. Nope not the one in Kottivakkam but the one which was on the top floor of Chotabhai Center. A few friends told me that they even served wine on the sly. So there I was looking for Pizzas and finding a ton of other…

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Help thy Liver to Help thou

Help thy Liver to Help thou

The liver is the largest organ organ in the human body. I am sure you don’t need me to tell you that unless you did not pay attention during biology class in school. The liver works tirelessly to kick out all the toxins from food that we ingest. Yes, there are so many toxins out there and we don’t even know what we are eating these days. Do you know what went into that pizza you gorged on last…

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Food Tales - Pizza One

Food Tales – Pizza One

Keep Calm and Eat Pizza

Pizza is wholesome healthy food when done right. It does not mean that you can eat Pizza for every meal.

The first time I had a Pizza was in Cakes’n’Bakes in the late 80’s. My cousins would come visiting from abroad and they would tell me tales of giant frozen pizzas which they would buy and put it in their freezer for weeks together and how each time they felt like a pizza all they had to do…

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Chennapatnam to Madras to Chennai

Chennapatnam to Madras to Chennai

Usually there is this 2nd Part Jinx theory. But that sure does not apply to the CBC Tablog-2. Running successfully in blogs near you.

I was born in Madras and now live in Chennai. As time goes on who knows what else it would change into. But what’s in a name? The city has changed with the times but Madras is unbreakable. Madras has been ruled by so many countries but it was during the British…

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Independance Day 2014 speech by Shri Narendra Modi

Independance Day 2014 speech by Shri Narendra Modi

Modi is a great speaker and for the first time I listened to him speak and such a great speech. Stuff like this must be listened to every time one doubts the self and the nation.

1. Say no to violence
2. Teach responsibility and accountability to sons
3. Build toilets in every school for boys and girls.
4. Clean India
5. Bank accounts to every person in the country.
6. Create model villages.…

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Food Tales - From The Past

Food Tales – From The Past

Food tales is a chronicle of my experiences with food. I love what I eat but do I write about food with equal passion. These tales are an attempt to explore that and of course share my love for food.

I am a proud product of Don Bosco, Egmore. I spent 14 years of my life studying there and recently at DB Converge our alumni meet I had a chance to interact with a few of my teachers. I realized that…

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Shit like this gets turned down!

Shit like this gets turned down!